¿Why Corpus Consulting Services?



CORPUS is a pioneer in implementation of collective scheme systems for management of WEEE and batteries waste. CORPUS has developed, with success, projects in several areas of waste management, offering consulting services to leading collective scheme systems, producers and distributors and recyclers in Spain.



Our main goal is to collaborate with our customers to make easier the management of their WEEE and batteries waste by helping avoid assigning additional financial and human resources and cutting recycling costs.CORPUS mission is to provide our customers with the best solutions that their activities and sales are unaffected by the management of WEEE and batteries waste.



Providing our customers with efficient solutions for managing their WEEE and batteries waste, according to European and Spanish laws, neither interfering in their activities nor their sales.



In a nutshell, foreign based EEE and batteries producers selling into Spain can concentrate on their core business by outsourcing all their WEEE and batteries waste obligations to CORPUS.